Thursday, September 30, 2010

We may get 5inches of rain tonight... are you concerned,WORRIED, SCARRED TO DEATH!!!

Many water problems are caused by your own house.Gallons of water runnning off your roof and dumping in one small area right against your house!
When water lays and begins to puddle and then grows into a lake the anwser is to bring in alot of dirt and fill in the low area.....RIGHT??
This will just mask the problem in one area and create a new one somewhere else.
When it is raining tonight stand outside in the downpour, walk around in the rain and watch, you may look silly but you are on your way to solving the waterproblem. Notice where the water puddles, THATS THE LOW SPOT THAT IS WHERE YOU WILL CATCH THEWATER AND RUN IT UNDERGROUND TO LOWER GROUND CATCH AND RELEASE

Email me if you have any questions or concerns ABOUT DRAINAGE ADVICE at or call me @856-435-5799..........
Just one of the many exciting surprizes you will be getting from Mr. PennyGreen along with plenty of inside tips and instruction to make your outside house incredible for now, tommorrow, and into the future. We want to help you do it right the first time!
Remember catch and release and make your water problems drain away...Mr.PennyGreen "the guy who always calls you back"